My novels tend to be centered around the conflict inherent in culture clash, featuring ordinary people thrust into different and dangerous worlds by circumstances or desire. 
In my latest completed novel, Invitation from a Firebrand, radicalism, sexual obsession, and tragedy crash suburbia, upending the quiet life of middle-aged engineer Henry Ascher as he’s pulled into the heated debate about guns.
In To Zenzi (recipient of a James Jones First Novel Fellowship), an artistic boy orphaned in 1945 Berlin ends up, through extraordinary circumstances, inside Hitler’s bunker, drawing pictures of sci-fi fantasy for the increasingly insane tyrant while falling in love with Zenzi, a girl of Jewish descent.
The Miser’s Dream (a finalist in North American Review’s competition for literary noir) follows the bumbling attempts by small-time grifter Benjamin Spinnaker to score his biggest con and to track down his vanished wife.
My picaresque tale, Obituary for an Amateur Mystic (in progress), follows the misadventures of young Vincent Lamb as he discovers his deep and mysterious connection to Nature under the guardianship of his mob-connected, wheeler-dealer uncle.